Fading Memories

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Fading Memories is a cooperative hack of Memory, the classic card-matching game for families. 

Cooperative. Instead of competing against the other players to hoard cards, in Fading Memories we all work together to share personal memories with each other, and prevent memory loss from becoming irreversible.

Storytelling. Fading Memories uses a very light game system to create the conditions for people to unearth stories from the past and share them without judgement. Turn after turn, everybody gets a fair chance to be heard, and is working together to build and maintain the collective memory. 

After playing it people say they feel more connected to their fellow co-players.

Each copy contains:

  • 30 memory cards with unique artwork and words related to family and childhood
  • 16 translucent black&white fade cards to simulate the memory loss process and give players a common threat to work against
  • 1 rulebook for people to learn how to play
  • 1 story booklet, illustrating the initial spark behind this project, and how it came to life


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