Hi human! I'm Matteo

In the games I make we all win together

Because I don’t think we start our lives as competitive, selfish, rank-obsessed humans.

5-year-old Matteo didn’t care to be the best, and would rather not have been bullied for being good at the game of school.

After years spent building digital toys for clients like the BBC and the Science Museum, and teaching game design at universities around the UK, in 2018 I decided to listen to my 5-year-old self, who kept telling me “Let’s make games. We can make the rules now. When we all win it’s more fun.” Actually, he would have said “Allora, inventiamo sti giochi o no?”

So I started a game design residency at the V&A in London, and hacked together Fading Memories, a cooperative twist on the classic Memory. Instead of competing to hoard cards, in this game we share personal memories to prevent them from fading, getting to know each other in the process.

I also teach people how to make games

I believe games have a huge expressive potential. They can make complex systems understandable, and empower people to engage with tough questions. It’s more that just playing games. We can have the most transformative learning experiences when we make games.

Want me to run a workshop for you?

I design and facilitate playful workshops to promote collaboration and systems thinking through game-making.

To make a new game, teams hack existing games with new rules, going from zero to a playable prototype in as little as one hour.

Suitable for everyone: no prior game design or coding knowledge is required.

Get in touch m@tteo.me