How to play Fading Memories

On your turn you pick 2 Memory cards. If their words don’t match, you tell a story that revolves around those words, then cover them with 2 Memory Loss cards.

In order to pick a covered Memory card, you have to retell its story (which means you should listen to and remember the stories told by other players).

This is a cooperative game:

  • Each Memory card has a word that matches another Memory card. You win all together when you pair all the Memory cards. 
  • You lose all together when the Memory Loss cards run out.

Can you pair all the Memory cards before you run out of Memory Loss cards?

How to set up

Shuffle the 16 Memory Loss cards (semi-transparent) into a deck in the middle of the table. 

Shuffle the 30 Memory cards and place them face-down around the Memory Loss cards.

Close your eyes. The first player to open their eyes starts. Play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn

  1. Flip two Memory cards Pick two Memory cards to reveal the words written on them.
  2. Tell a story Say “I remember…” and share a story which revolves around the words on those two cards. Your story can be real or made up. Add details and flavour to make it memorable!  
  3. Cover those two Memory cards Take two cards from the Memory Loss deck and lay one on top of each Memory card you flipped. Unless you picked matching Memory cards, your turn is over.  

Only the current player can pick cards. The rest of the team can suggest which cards to pick, but can never say the exact words on the Memory Loss cards they are suggesting.

Is it a match?

Before you can claim two (possibly matching) Memory cards, you must tell what you remember about any story previously shared in relation to those cards. 

👍If you picked two matching cards, take any Memory Loss cards on top of them and put them at the bottom of the Memory Loss deck. Bonus! You can take another turn.

👎If you picked two cards that don’t match, tell a story that revolves around the words on them, then fade them both. Your turn is over.

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